Our Mission Statement

We Strive to provide consistently high quality clinical care in a professional setting which our patients should find to be helpful, kind, caring and absolutely confidential.


Patients are not registered under any specific Doctor. You can see any Doctor of your choice within the Practice subject to availability of appointments. The practice premises have suitable access for all disabled patients.


Dr S K Ray (GP Principal) , Dr Mark Godby (Salaried GP) , Dr Abdul Lasker( Salaried GP) , Dr Kathleen Boyle( Long Term Locum), Dr Alexandra Muirhead ( Long Term Locum)


Nursing team consists of a Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse, Health Care Assistants, Phlebotomist. District nurses, health visitors and Midwives are attached to the practice form part of our multi-disciplinary team.

The community Midwife will perform all your ante-natal checks, do all the relevant blood tests and arrange all necessary ante-natal scans. If there are any ante-natal concerns she will either refer you back to your GP or pass you on to the Consultant Obstetric team for advice. The midwife will be involved in the delivery of your baby and she will look after both mother and baby until baby is 10days old. Postnatal check (at 6/8weeks post delivery) will be done by the practice nurse. Ante-natal clinics are held at the surgery. Our Midwife can be contacted on 01429 522279 between 9am-10am.

The Health Visitor is a qualified nurse with further specialised training and experience in child health promotion and health education. Your newborn child will be referred to her directly by the midwife approximately 10 days after birth. Health Visitor will visit you at home for the baby’s 8week check.


Monday: 8.30am-6pm
Tuesday: 8.30am-6pm
Wednesday: 8.30am-6pm
Thursday: 8.30am-1pm 2pm – 6pm
Friday: 8.30am-6pm
Extended Hours : 6.30 pm onwards every Tuesday evening


Mornings 9am – 11.30am
Evenings 1.30pm- 5.30pm

Dr Ray:  Pain Clinic (every Tuesday afternoon )
Dr Ray: Minor Surgery Clinic ( Tuesday morning)

The practice also offers the following services to the patients.

Long term conditions management

Cervical Screening

Child Health Surveillance

Minor surgery

Maternity Medical services

Contraceptive Services

Childhood immunisations

Influenza immunisations

Weight management


There is a car park situated at the side of Victoria Road health centre which is available for patients to use. Please note this is a pay and display car park.


Calls will be answered and dealt with as quickly as possible during working hours. In emergencies, when the surgery is closed a recorded message will give you the Doctor’s contact number.

Your responsibilities to us are….

To be patient and keep calls as brief as possible.
To avoid calling at peak times for non urgent matters(9am –10am Monday-Friday).


We have arrangements for patients to speak to GP’s and Nurses during the working day at the end of am and pm clinics.


Appointments with all Doctors are available to book by phoning the surgery on the day you wish to be seen. You are also able to pre-book your appointment a month in advance with the doctor of your choice. Practice also offers “On Line Appointment” booking service. You would need register to avail the service. It may not always be possible to offer you an appointment with your preferred doctor, if none are available then you will be offered a time with another doctor. You can either see someone else, or contact the surgery again another day. Because of the demand for appointments we strongly recommend you contact the surgery as early as possible in the day and preferably before 10am. The appointment lines (297290 and 297292) are open from 8.30am and can be very busy during the first hour. The dedicated appointment line 297292 is open from 8.30am to 6pm. Medical emergencies will always be seen on the same day. For continuity of care we would prefer you to see the same doctor you have consulted before for similar problems.


If you are unable to keep your appointment you must contact the surgery at least one hour before to cancel it so that someone else can use the time. If you fail to do this it will be registered that you did not attend (DNA). Since we monitor attendance of appointments we would write to you if you fail to keep your appointment. Wasted appointments make other patients wait longer. After three DNA appointment in a six months period we will write to you informing you to to find another GP practice to register with.


Nurse consultations are by appointments at our surgery. The receptionist will give you details of clinic times and available appointments. There may be times when you are offered an appointment with a nurse rather than a doctor. The nurses also monitor certain chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and coronary heart disease, rather than you seeing a doctor at each visit to the surgery. You would be able to see the Nurse Practitioner for minor ailments.


Patients may order repeat prescriptions by telephone to 297291 between  9am-12 noon and  2pm-5pm, delivering or posting a request,  ordering online or  via email to:

Prescriptions will normally be available within 48 hours and those enclosing S.A.E will be sent by return post.

Your responsibilities to us are—–

To give 48 hours notice when ordering repeat prescriptions.

To take medicines as prescribed.

Not to expect a prescription every time you visit the doctor.

Not to expect a prescription for drugs which are available directly from the chemist.

To make an appointment to see the doctor / nurse practitioner after four repeat prescriptions.

To make an appointment to see the doctor/nurse for a yearly medication review.


These are for emergencies only and are solely at the doctor’s discretion. The Practice operates a nurse triage system for home visits. If a home visit is necessary the doctor on call for the practice will visit you.

Your responsibilities are…….

Not to request a home visit unless the patient is too ill to come to the surgery.

To ensure that request for home visits are made before 10am.

Not to mislead the receptionist by making non-urgent matters seem like an emergency.

To recognise that the doctor may choose to give advice or if appropriate organise hospital
admission rather than make a visit.

To be at home when a visit has been arranged.


Out of hours tel no: NHS 111


Patients who wish to register with the practice will be given an appointment with the nurse for a simple health check up. The patient will be asked to complete a health questionnaire giving past medical history. Patients who fail to keep their appointments will not be able to register in the practice nor seen on a temporary or emergency basis.


From time to time, it may be necessary to refer patients to a Consultant for further care. We will do our utmost to ensure referral letters are sent promptly from the practice.

Your responsibilities to us are….

To ensure that you keep the practice informed of any change of address, contact number or
name so that hospital mail will reach you at the correct address.

To recognise that there may be some delay before you receive an appointment, which is
usually outside our control.

To recognise that the decision to make such a referral is taken by the Doctor.


Any tests will be dealt with promptly and you will be advised of the usual length of time before we could expect results. Any necessary treatment resulting from such tests will be made available at the earliest opportunity. Our receptionists are not medically qualified to give details of your results.

Your responsibility to us is…..

To telephone (297291) for results between 2pm –5pm Monday to Friday


The Practice uses interpreter services, for which we, need be given at least a week’s notice. The service is free of charge to the patients. The practice can obtain an interpreter by contacting Everyday Language Solutions and Interpretation service based at Middlesbrough council.


All staff in the practice are bound to maintain patient confidentiality. Any proven breach of confidentiality will be treated extremely seriously. Confidentiality also extends to family members, therefore medical information relating to you will not be divulged to a family member without your consent.


Patients have the right to see the doctor of their choice. If you leave our practice your medical records will be forwarded to you new GP practice within a fortnight.


We would normally except that patients are seen within 30minute of an appointment, and we will always try to keep you informed if we are running late so that you can re-book your appointment if necessary.

Your responsibilities are—–

To observe the “one patient, one appointment” rule and not to ask for other family members
to be treated at the same time.

To attend punctually for appointments and cancel if unable to attend.


GDPR comes into force on 25th of May 2018 and replaces Data Protection Act 1998. Practice. Our practice key obligations to you include:

The appointment of a suitably qualified and experienced Data Protection Officer.

The recording of all data processing activities with their lawful justification and data retention period.

Routinely conducting an and reviewing data protection impact assessments where processing is likely to pose a high risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms.

Assessing the need for data protection impact assessment at an early stage and incorporating data protection measures by default in the design and operation of information systems and processes in our practice.

Ensuring demonstrable compliance with enhanced transparency and fair processing , including notification of rights.

Ensuring the data subjects rights are respected.

Notification of personal data security breaches to the Information Commissioner.


The data protection Act 1984 and Access to Health records Act 1990 give patients the right to see written records made after 1991 and/or any records held on computer. No information will ever be released without your consent unless we are legally obliged to do so.

Your responsibility to us is…

To ensure that your written consent accompanies any request you have authorised for medical information.


Comments are always welcome. All comments are considered and where appropriate, responded to on an individual basis.

Complaints you may have regarding the practice should be made to the Practice Complaints Manager. Questions on medical matters should be directed to your doctor. Practice complaints leaflet is available separately. Please ask the reception staff for details.

Your responsibility to us is……

To recognise that problems can usually be rectified within the practice.


The care of our patients is fundamental to the service we provide and it should be recognised that the patient has responsibility in part for his and her own well being. We may prescribe treatments to aid a particular complaint or condition and may recommend changes/or modifications in lifestyle to promote the patient’s well being.

Your responsibilities to us are……

To comply with any treatment recommended or prescribed.

To try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible and ask for help and advice if necessary.

On the following grounds we may ask the patient to leave our Practice.

Abuse of emergency services.

Recurrent failure to meet your obligations listed in this leaflet.

As a practice we embrace NHS zero tolerance policy and do not allow physical or verbal abuse against any member of staff. Patients may be removed without warning in exceptional circumstances. Examples include:

Verbal /physical abuse, discriminating abuse
Extreme rudeness.
Unacceptable behaviour towards any member of the Primary Health Care Team.
Intentional damage of practice premises.
Sexual and racial harassment.
Crime and deception i.e. fraudulently obtaining drugs.

The practice also retains the right to remove patient from the practice list where a patient’ continued registration with the practice might be detrimental to the Primary Health Care Team. We will generally send a letter of explanation to the patient as to the reason for removal from the practice list. We would also appreciate if would let us know the reason for your decision to leave our practice.


We will review and monitor the services we provide to ensure that our commitment to high quality patient care remains constant. Your views are important to us, as is your co-operation in achieving these aims. Positive and negative feedback will help us to judge whether we are meeting these standards. Please let us know if you would like to be involved in our Patient Participation Group.

Surgery Opening Times


Mon - Fri 8.30am til 6pm
*Late Appointments are available on a Tuesday from 6.30pm onwards
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones

Telephone Numbers


General Enquiries: 01429 297290

Prescription: 01429 297291

Appointments: 01429 297292

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