Specialist Nurses

Nurse Practitioner

A Nurse Practitioner can provide:

  • individualised care, focusing not only on the present health problem, but the effects these health problems can have on an individual or their family.
  • Offer slightly longer appointment times, and arrange on-going and follow up assessments with individuals of any age.
  • Explain details of medications, health information/advice, explore people’s worries and concerns about their health and their health care needs.
  • Provide information people need to enable them to make individual choices in relation to their health.

District Nurses

District Nurses help to care for housebound patients. They assess the nursing needs of housebound patients of all ages, and provide care and support for those patients. They have special expertise in areas such as wound care and care of the dying.

Though the District Nurses are not based in the surgery, we have regular contact with them and our doctors work very closely with them. If you think you need the services of a District Nurse, please contact the surgery.

Health Visitor

Health Visitors are qualified nurses with further specialised training and are experienced in child health, health promotion and health education.

Health Visitors work to promote health in all age groups and give support to people in their homes, particularly mothers with young children. They run well baby clinics and carry out routine developmental checks on children.

Our Health Visitor will arrange to visit you and you baby at home for your convenience.


The community Midwife will perform all your ante-natal checks, do all the relevant blood tests and arrange all necessary ante-natal scans. If there are any ante-natal concerns she will either refer you back to your GP or pass you on to the Consultant Obstetric team for advice.

The midwife will be involved in the delivery of your baby and she will look after both mother and baby until baby is 10days old.

Postnatal check (at 6/8weeks post delivery) will be done by the practice nurse. Ante-natal clinics are held at the surgery. Our Midwife can be contacted on 01429 522279 between 9am-10am.